What We Offer

consultation services


As a differentiated management consultancy, DataStars & its top notch worldwide partners provide advice to the top executive levels with our first-class specialist and sector expertise – from strategies through to the implemented solutions. With jointly developed concepts, we create robust and accepted foundations for fundamental and forward looking changes. In this context, our consultants also like to pursue unconventional approaches.

Our consulting focuses on the areas of strategy & change, organizational and process consulting, strategic IT management, risk management and portfolio/program management. Here, we concentrate mainly on Saudi Vision 2030, Vision Realization Offices (VROs), National Transformation Program (NTP), Digitalization, Applied Statistics, Smart Cities, as well as on internal or external IT service-providers

Consultation Fields

  • 1
    Process Consulting
  • 2
    Statistical Consulting
  • 3
    Security Consulting
  • 4
    Strategy Consulting
  • 5
    Block Chain Consulting
  • 6
    Change Management Consulting
  • 7
    Portfolio Management & PMO Consulting
  • 8
    Digitalization Consulting
  • 9
    HR Consulting
Skilled Manpower Services

Skilled Manpower

DataStars as one of the most successful companies in KSA in recruiting skilled manpower resources, we can promptly provide IT consultants, experts, engineers, and managers for temporary employment or projects as you need in your current business situation.

DataStars as one of the most successful companies in KSA in recruiting skilled manpower resources, we can promptly provide IT consultants, experts, engineers, and managers for temporary employment or projects as you need in your current business situation.

“Just in time”, we provide specialized expertise through personnel capacity, exactly in line with the needs of the customer. We have one of the most comprehensive industry- and technology-independent expert networks in the MENA, Europe, and United States

We are recognized for high quality at competitive prices. In our temporary personnel services we take responsibility for fair and respectful treatment of our employees through our transparent pricing model.

  • Analysis of staff requirements based on the profiles that include the qualifications as well as the personalities that correctly fit your organization
  • Searching for the ideal candidates from our large expert pool, leading job portals, specialist portals and newsgroups, as well as by advertising in our own portal and through the online and print media
  • Using multi-level pre-selection process for shortlisting the candidates, thus reducing your interviewing burden
For more information on our comprehensive online recruiting solution, please visit

www.hiresaudi.com [specialized in recruiting Saudi Talents]!


Ministry of Economy & Planning, Tamkeen Tech., Vodafone International Services (VIS), and More… LOGOS DataStars Experts works for government sector, semi-government, and international companies. We will be very pleased to provide you with our reference list, put you in touch with our reference customers, and to discuss any matters with you. Feel free to contact us

With more than 16 years of experience in the recruiting business, we bring perfect processes to help you save time and idle capacity. We allow you to get rid of idling costs, making your staff planning easier and efficient.

Business Intelligence & Big Data


Ongoing information digitization is creating increasing quantities of data and demands in terms of data administration are rising fast. Big data addresses the issue of how to process these enormous amounts of data. The intelligent analysis and processing of such volumes of information requires solutions which go beyond DWH conventional technologies. Here we apply business intelligence systems which are able to capture and display information at high speed, incorporating diverse formats in their analysis (text, photos, videos etc.).

Our high-performance business intelligence concepts not only give companies swift access to important information, they also provide the analytical functions with which to evaluate the data. As an experts in the field of business intelligence, DataStars delivers Incorta well-conceived BI solutions for the high-capacity processing of bulk data – tailored precisely to the needs of our customers.

Incorta provides business users with a single, complete self-service analytics platform. Utilizing the industry’s first Direct Data Mapping engine, Incorta aggregates large, complex business data in real time, eliminating the need to reshape your data. By keeping data in its original form, Incorta accelerates the time required to roll out new analytic applications from months to days, and reduces query and reporting times from minutes to seconds. With Google-like search and direct integration with Excel, Tableau, and other visualization tools, Incorta allows business users to easily, securely tap into their enterprise data.

Incorta Differentiation

No Data Modeling

No more star schemas, no flattening of data. Only Incorta allows for Direct Data Mapping from source systems, providing for real-time data aggregation and eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming data warehouse projects.

Ad Hoc and Self-Service

Users are accustomed to having reports prepared for them because the traditional analytics approaches mean long running queries and armies of admins trying to optimize analysis and support the users. Incorta allows for open self-service responding in seconds (even on billions of rows).

Instant Insights

With no data warehouse, there’s no lengthy reshaping of data and overnight batch updates required. Source system data aggregates as quickly as every five minutes, allowing up-to-the-minute insight into business trends.

Streamline the Analytic Supply Chain

Traditional analytics means 16 weeks from request to report or the addition of new data sources for the user community. Incorta shrinks this analytic supply chain down from weeks to days.

Boost Query Performance by 50X

Comparing Incorta to appliances like Exadata and Neteeza or other data engines like Redshift and Vertica, customers are seeing query performance gains of 50 – 100X (even on the most complex requests).

Packaged Analytic Applications

Analysis is not simply about ad hoc and self-service capability, Incorta provides out-of-the-box reports and KPIs against the industries leading ERP and CRM environments.

managed services


By out-tasking partial sections or outsourcing entire IT departments to us, our customers are able to cut costs significantly and focus entirely on their own business-critical processes and areas of expertise. The flexible DataStars Managed Services programs enable operational responsibility for selected services as well as for entire IT environments to be placed in the hands of experienced, specialists IT providers.

Our solutions ensure transparent, scalable services to be provided even when the requirements are highly complex. Thanks to guaranteed standardized or individually agreed service level agreements, the customer has complete and transparent control of cost and quality at all times.

With our Application Management Services (AMS) we take over the entire lifecycle of applications for our customers – starting with continuous, uninterrupted operation including minor adjustments and corrections while up and running through to complex changes introduced as a part of projects.

Data Stars Offer

  • New development and reorganization of both partial solutions and entire IT environments
  • Provision and operation of IT infrastructures in the network, data processing center and client environment.
  • Adaptation, implementation and support of licensed and OpenSource applications, including the relevant infrastructures and operating systems.
  • Order-based and cross-border operation of business-critical applications in close coordination with the customer.
  • Professional IT service management according to common market standards such as ITIL.
  • Implementation of major changes and ongoing refinement of applications in line with the customer’s change process.
  • Nearshore-/Offshore Delivery - Our Nearshore-/Offshore business services include:
    • Application Development & Management Services
    • Mobile Applications
    • ECM Projects & Services
    • Enterprise Integration
    • Product Engineering
    • Business Intelligence
    • Data Warehousing
    • SAP Consulting
    • Verification & Validation
    • Testing & QA
    • SharePoint Consulting
    • E-Government
applications & software lifecycle services


DataStars provide expert services to assist you in every part of the application & software lifecycle. We can partner with you all the way to design, delivery, validation, training, maintenance and support. Our flexible partnership models allow you to maximize your ROI while maintaining complete control over your projects.

In line with our “blended shoring” approach, we offer you customer proximity and onsite presence as well as flexible nearshore and offshore capacities – tailored exactly to meet your needs.

DataStars Services include

  • 01
    Business analysis
  • 02
    Application development for various platforms including iOS & Android mobile platforms.
  • 03
    Advanced software product engineering.
  • 04
    Implementation of packaged solutions like MS SharePoint.
  • 05
    Enterprise application integration.
  • 06
    Business intelligence and data warehouse solutions.
  • 07
    Testing and QA services.
  • 08
    Verification and validation services for your regulatory compliance needs.
  • 09
    Software training
  • 10
    Application management, helpdesk and support.
turnkey solutions


DataStars in a position to offer our customers the best solution for them, as we are technology partners of leading software suppliers like Microsoft, IBM, Incorta, Fujitsu , MicroStrategy, SAS, MetaSonic, Cryptomathic, OnYourMap, Vedamo, ITG as well as leading hardware manufacturers like IBM, Huawei, and Fujitsu. Moreover, we also have excellent solutions and products from our own group at our disposal.

Here, DataStars can offer customers both market leading solutions as well as its own products and solutions. Access our solutions anytime and from anywhere, reduce your IT costs and increase your flexibility.

Software Solutions’ Verticals

  • 1
    Fleet Management Solutions
  • 2
    In-house Mapping Solutions
  • 3
    Learning Management Solutions
  • 4
    Business Process Management Solutions
  • 5
    Security Solutions
  • 6
    Business Intelligence & Big Data Solutions
  • 7
    Data Analytics Solutions
  • 8
    Performance Management Solutions
  • 9
    IT Governance Solutions
  • 10
    CCTV & Video Analytics Solutions
  • 11
    Messaging Solutions
  • 12
    Online Recruitment Solutions
  • 13
    Help-desk & Ticketing Solutions
  • 14
    eCommerce Solutions
  • 15
    Digital Publishing Solutions
  • 16
    eCorrespondence Solutions
  • 17
    ECM Solutions
  • 18
    e-Gov & Portal Solutions
mobility solutions


Harnessing mobile technology to transform businesses to smart businesses by analyzing evolving trends in enterprise mobility is our approach. Our comprehensive enterprise mobility platform brings mobile-first solutions that help you stay on the competitive edge by creating improved customer experiences.

DatStars offers a comprehensive set of solutions that comes with a smart API to address every phase of the business and workforce automation to manage critical tasks in real time using mobile devices.

We provide professional consulting resources, strategy development, deployment, and managed services that address every phase of a mobility life-cycle.

DataStars mobility services include

  • 01
    Mobile Application Development & Management Services
  • 02
    Business Portals & Shops
  • 03
    Product Engineering
  • 04
    Service Support & Delivery
  • 05
    Software Development
  • 06
    Security Management
  • 07
    Application Support
  • 08
  • 09
    Monitoring & Reporting
  • 10
    Release Packing
  • 11
    E-Government Mobile Solutions
content management & collaboration


Information is a central resource and a key factor in all business processes. In order to achieve optimum value creation, the appropriate information has to be very simple to access on various end devices at the right place and the right time. For this reason, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is becoming increasingly important in companies so as to be able to handle the rising flood of information. ECM now covers virtually all relevant functions for administering information of all kind in IT-based processes. A growing number of companies also use ECM to support, streamline or automate their business processes as well as for archiving purposes.

Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions such as IBM® package supports and controls business processes in which information has to be exchanged, administered or archived. IBM® ECM covers the full range of functions relating to the capture, administration, storage and output of business documents. Its very open-ended and modular structure allows integration in any IT environment. Potential uses range from classic archiving through to a modern document and enterprise content management system (ECM).

DataStars delivers a wide range of robust, reliable and cost-effective ECM services & solutions to serve your needs via :

  • 1
    IBM Case Manager
  • 2
    IBM Content Manager OnDemand
  • 3
    IBM Content Foundation
  • 4
    IBM Datacap
iT infrastructure services


IT Infrastructure is the backbone of any enterprise. It is imperative that the IT infrastructure is carefully planned, deployed and maintained in order for the enterprise to function efficiently.

DataStars brings in-depth technical expertise in managing IT installments for small, medium and large size enterprises. We help in designing IT strategy for businesses to complement the long term business goals. Our services cover planning, implementing and supporting the IT installations for enterprises.

DataStars brings a wide range of robust, reliable and cost-effective IT infrastructure services to serve your needs:

  • Consultancy services in areas such as enterprise architecture definition, hardware and software landscaping and integration of business software
  • Virtualization and data center services including Data center optimization, planning and deployment, management and support service.
  • Enterprise networking services that include:
    • Optimization of networking solutions for network setup
    • Design, installation and maintenance of LANs and WANs
    • Setting up and maintenance of secure VPN and remote access solutions
    • Internet services such as connectivity, email services, web design and hosting, physical and virtual server colocation
    • Firewall
  • Enterprise security setup and management including network security, intrusion prevention, SSL based attack security and web application firewall setup.
  • Enterprise data security through identity management, access audit.
  • Data loss prevention solutions for data backup and disaster recovery.