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EPM & GovernancePMO for Government Efficiency: Case Studies by PMI

Who is Who?

Realizing the national vision is always on-hold until PMO gets the lead. PMO is the enabling body that transforms 2D strategic plan or high level initiative into a realized business value with measured benefits to the involved stakeholders. We are talking here about focusing on efficiency and effectiveness concepts.

In the recent publication by PMI they mentioned that:

Government entities waste US$97 million for every US$1 billion invested in projects and programs. When governments commit to project and program management leading practices, consistently better outcomes are well within reach.

That highlights the importance of PMO in activating the government efficiency. On another note, they showed how the US Government benefited from such an implementation as per the following infographic published by PMI.

Another case study about the department of energy information administration(EIA) has showed that the need for the PMO Model. EIA staff faced a significant challenge with identifying a suitable PMO framework that would fit the organization’s strategic need. Recognizing the path forward as an evolutionary journey rather than a one-step
implementation, EIA staff needed a pathway that defined the implementation steps and quantified the sustainment of transformational change. Such a framework would also help with:
1. Setting goals;
2. Managing stakeholder expectations regarding the amount of change; and
3. Quantifying the progress made.

Ref.: PMI Case Study (EIA) 

Recommendations for health PMO in Public Sector

  • Start with Culture Transformation Initiatives
  • Implement organizational methodologies for project/program/portfolio management
  • Institutionalize organizational processes and methodologies
  • Promote transparency and performance tracking practices
  • Implement Organizational Project Management Maturity Model Knowledge Foundation
  • Develop internal PMO capabilities
  • Evolve your PMO Maturity Model based on the growing potential of people, process, and technology
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