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Automating strategy and national transformation initiatives to realize the vision

Government strategy is totally different than normal corporate strategy in private sector or any other industry. The triggers are totally different, it can be due to national transformation call, bigger national vision, new governmental direction, international compliance such us Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), new mandates from higher authorities.

Strategy Management Offices (SMOs) are tackling these parameters carefully before transforming it into real initiatives and programs. Vision Realization Office (VRO) is the main engine that formulates the transformation implementation aspects.

  • Helping in assessing and developing strategies and aligning them with the national vision
  • Designing Strategy Management Offices (SMOs) & Vision Realization Offices (VROs)
  • Streamlining vision and related initiatives with the approved strategies
  • Transforming high level strategies and realizing the vision through enabling roadmaps
  • Assessing and building internal capabilities
  • Automating Strategy & VRO Processes on all level national levels
  • Monitoring the strategy and VRO performance through powerful data visualization tools
  • Unleashing the business intelligence & reporting capabilities for strategy & VRO insights

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