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Welcome to DataStars!

A space for #TransformationEnablers

“Born with a clear purpose of empowering governmental entities with simple but agile approaches to digitize and maximize the government performance.”

We are a recognized government transformation partner who has been awarded so many government transformation projects with 100% success rate and scalable success stories.

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Who We Are

We present the synergy of consulting services, technology solutions and system integrations. So we renovated our new hybrid version of synergy  of:

  • Industry Subject Matter Experts (SMEs);
  • Agile Technology Professionals; and
  • Business Process Advisors.

What We Do

We enable government organizations to reach the optimum performance leveraging the following technology and consulting practices: Strategy & VRO, EPMO & Governance, Digital Transformation, Government Productivity (Committees & Mandates), Xperience Lab, and Business Intelligence.


How We Do it?"A-B-C-D" Approach

With the rapid transformation trends everywhere, simplicity became uniqueness! DataStars believes in agile enablement while simplifying the concepts. Our “A-B-C-D” Approach is the key to our successful projects.


(A) Assess

Assessment is our first step of understanding the existing context: business model, dimensions, process, KPIs, technology tools, and involved stakeholders and their respective roles. We follow industry & function-based best practices.

(B) Build

Upon comprehensive assessment, we BUILD the fit model for successful enablement. Our Proof Of Concept (POC) is tailored to the existing environment and considers the future capacity.

(C) Capitalize

Successful implementation shall capitalize on the existing resources and skill-set. We leverage the existing capabilities and we develop for optimum performance.

(D) Data Visualize

Reading the overall performance can be accomplished with assertive Data Visualization to get reliable insights and analytics.


Vision & Purpose

“To be the Government Enabling Partner of Choice” This is our Vision

“To Deliver innovative solutions; Maximize Performance; Realize Transformative Values; Create Sustainable Impact; Enable Our Customers” This is our Mission