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Government Productivity Maximization (GPM®) Suite is an end-to-end platform that enables governments to realize their vision.

Government Productivity & Governance are the main enabling pillars that all national initiatives are seeking while implementing the national transformation initiatives.

DataStars innovated full-fledged Government Digitization products that are meeting beneficiaries needs covering the following:

  • Minister’s Office
  • Cabinet of Ministers (Authorities)
  • Strategy Management Offices (SMOs)
  • Vision Realization Offices (VROs)
  • Portfolio/Program/Project Management Offices (PMOs)
  • Insights & Intelligence Units

Strategy System

Strategy & VRO 360 System enables decision makers and strategy leaders to craft and successfully implement strategies, objectives, KPIs, assigned responsibilities, aligned initiatives and seamlessly report the overall strategy performance across all scorecard aspects.

Committees 360

Committees 360 offers a 360-view of the committees’ lifecycle starting from creation, assigning members, meetings management, correspondences & updates, mandates, projects, announcements, voting, till the committees’ resolutions and performance outcomes.

Mandates 360

Mandates Management System (MND) is an end-to-end government mandates management platform that enables governmental agencies to effectively register, assign, delegate, manage, track, and monitor the internal and external mandates across different stakeholders and entities.

EPM System

Built on Microsoft™ Platform, Enterprise Project  Management (EPM®) is an end-to-end Enterprise Portfolio,  Program & Project Management platform ensuring the successful governance of PMO full cycle implementation and automation.

GPM® Suite

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